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Anonymous inquired:
   how do you determine if someone is too old to date?   


I have a handy chart I like to use for this exact dilemma 

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Hur slutar man vara kroppsfixerad och äcklad av sig själv

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we are all rui

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For fucks sake chelsea…..

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I’m happy but i hate being fat more than i love food so i’m a constant mess

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Footballers are the sexiest people on earth. Let me know when your bandmember has been running around a pitch for 90 minutes and still looks amazing.


#just saying

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Breathe. Okay. I might not like what I see in the mirror. I might feel wrong in this body. But it’s my home. I won’t feel any better by burning it to the ground. I can’t let these thoughts poison me any more. I’m not defined by the shape of my body or where my fat is stored or the number on the scale or the pieces of fabric I wear. I’m a person, constantly progressing and changing; hence I am undefinable. 

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